About WA.nl

WA.nl helps consumers with information about liability in various situations and insurance policies. The website was created to help people who are still not aware of what legal liability is, how you can cover yourself and what the differences are between various types of insurance coverage.

Why WA.nl?

In the Netherlands, liability insurance is mandatory. Many people don't realise this, or struggle with choosing the right coverage for them. WA.nl has grown into a general liability website with information about all kinds of insurance policies.

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A better understanding of insurance

Insurance can sometimes be quite confusing. There is fine print, policy conditions and premiums that differ from insurer to insurer. Our country is known for over-insurance, so it can be confusing. With more knowledge of insurance, consumers can make better choices.

We look for correct and updated data and information. It becomes clearer how taking out an insurance policy works and how to make the right choice in the future. WA.nl understands the problems consumers encounter. Together we know more. That's our motto.

Take responsibility

A relatively large number of people are still not properly insured. In some cases this is even a crime. For example, driving a car without liability insurance is a criminal offence in the Netherlands. But an AVP is not (yet) mandatory. How is that possible? And what are the consequences if the correct insurance policies are not taken out? WA.nl provides answers to these questions and more, making readers aware of their responsibilities.

Honest and independent information about liability and insurance

WA.nl is an independent, informative website about different types of insurance. Many Dutch people find the available information about insurance unclear. WA.nl aims to provide access to clear and accurate information and to make readers aware of their responsibilities.

Our website is set up on a non-profit basis. Informing readers is our main goal, helping them to be sufficiently covered wherever needed.

Although the website has been compiled with the greatest possible care, we are open to suggestions for improvement through our website contact page.

Independent information

The information on WA.nl is independent. This means that we do not promote insurers or insurance companies. We do not judge insurers and insurance companies. WA.nl only offers access to reliable, accurate information. In that way, the reader benefits from free and public knowledge.

WA.nl does not sell any products or services and its sole purpose is to inform readers about insurance. WA.nl aims to be an authoritative source of information.

All about insurance

Have you come across multiple insurance policies? Like car insurance or personal liability insurance? The information on our website gives the reader an overview of all possibilities. For example, we regularly point out the differences in policy conditions and premiums. WA.nl will make it as easy as possible for the reader. That is why we discuss in clear language what certain provisions and exclusions mean. In this way, the reader can choose an insurance policy with the right knowledge.

Save together

By offering more knowledge of insurance, consumers know better what to look out for. That can save a lot of money: which insurance policies are necessary and which are not? How does the insured ensure that they do not face surprises or sky-high costs?

Many websites only offer an option to compare insurance policies. WA.nl does not do that. Our website is a source of knowledge about insurance. We use plain language and clear terms. This way we can save together.

Insurance is more than just the price tag

Comparing an insurance policy on price alone is not wise. Yet that is what many people do. Some people end up underinsured or pay too much for overinsurance. As a result, policyholders are sometimes confronted with high costs.

WA.nl would like people to realise that the insurance must also be compared on content and detail. View the mutual differences between the coverage and the terms and conditions of insurance policies. The cheapest insurance is not always the best for your needs. What is clear is that the premiums can vary considerably. By knowing what to look for, the reader benefits.

Our purpose

The purpose of WA.nl is to provide insight into insurance policies, regulations and obligations regarding liability. Many Dutch people find policy conditions and the various insurance options confusing. There are a large number of insurers active, offering different policies. As a result, many people can no longer see the wood for the trees, it is too confusing to make a proper decision. WA.nl provides an overview, so that the reader knows what to look out for when taking out any insurance type.