Motorcycle insurance

Are you a lover of motorcycles? Do you like to get out and about on the road in good weather? Do you also enjoy the freedom it gives you to ride a motorcycle and not be stuck in the same traffic as if you were in a car? Motorcycling is definitely for you if you’ve answered yes to these, but you need to take out motorcycle insurance to get the right coverage. You can read why this is necessary on

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    Why take out motor insurance?

    Motorcycle insurance is mandatory for anyone who owns a motorcycle. This is so every person can insure themselves against damage to property or injury to others (this is also called ‘Third Party Liability’).

    In recent years, the number of motorcyclists in the Netherlands has risen sharply. This is logical, because with a motorcycle you avoid traffic jams, you have more freedom on the road and you drive with more pleasure than in a car. All those extra engines on the road also lead to a greater number of accidents and damage. That is why motorcycle insurance is necessary.

    Types of motorcycle insurance

    In the Netherlands there are 3 types of cover for motorcycles: third-party insurance, third-party liability + limited hull insurance and third-party liability + full hull insurance.

    WA insurance (also called third-party insurance)

    An ordinary type of insurance, WA insurance covers the financial consequences of liability if you cause damage to others with your motorcycle. You are only insured for damage to others. In the event of a claim, the insurer pays the costs.

    Another road user may, for example, have material damage. This includes damage to the roof or broken items. Usually this is not a very complicated case to handle.

    Personal injury claims can be a bit more difficult. By personal injury we mean damage to people. For example physical damage. It is especially important in the case of personal injury that the damage is handled carefully. The insurer can only properly assess the damage if the victim has (almost) completely recovered. As a result, it can take a very long time before the damage is processed and compensated.

    These are the only two types of damage that are covered by standard liability insurance. For a motorcycle that is more than 10 years old, this type of third-party insurance is sufficient.

    WA+ limited hull insurance

    A WA+ limited hull insurance also insures you against damage to your own motorcycle. For example, if it is stolen, hit by fire or storm. In the event of theft, it is important that you have locked your motorcycle with a standard lock and an at least category 3 ART-approved lock.

    You are also insured for damage to others. So here too personal injury and material damage is covered.

    A motorcycle between 4 and 10 years old is best insured with a WA + limited hull insurance.

    WA + full hull insurance

    Do you want to hedge against all kinds of risks? For example, because your motorcycle is brand new? Then a WA + full hull insurance is the right cover for you. You are insured against damage due to theft, fire and storm, but also against damage due to a collision.

    Imagine your motorcycle overturning or skidding. Are you also insured? Yes, with full insurance. You are also insured for what insurers call 'any other external calamity', such as lightning or fire.

    It is best to insure a motorcycle of up to 4 years old WA + full hull.

    Additional insurance

    It is a good idea not only to take out WA, WA+ limited hull or WA+ full hull insurance, but also to look at additional insurance policies that suit your specific needs..

    For example, with legal insurance you have coverage if you have to recover material or personal injury. This is especially useful if you are involved in a collision.

    With passenger accident insurance you are also covered against injury to yourself or a passenger. This insurance is useful to have, as most Dutch people cannot bear the costs of permanent disability or death on their own.

    Roadside assistance insurance is also an appealing option to many people. You can take out this insurance for both national and international journeys. In the Netherlands, some insurers provide you with replacement transport if necessary. Abroad, the insurer arranges everything with the foreign garage, you receive replacement transport and access to the emergency centre is open 24/7 with most insurers. With breakdown assistance insurance, you do not have to pay for the sometimes sky-high costs of damage to the vehicle. Moreover, you are assured that you can always go to a garage and that the damage will be dealt with.

    I drive for business: can I also insure myself?

    If you drive a motorcycle for business, you can also insure yourself for business use. In fact, this is very important. Even if you use the motorcycle more often for private purposes than for business, taking out business insurance is a necessity.

    This is because private motorcycle insurance does not always cover business trips. It is good to check the policy conditions for this. Driving for business means that you need business insurance.

    Which insurer should I choose?

    There are different types of insurers, all of which offer their own coverage. Broadly speaking, the risks you cover are the same, but there are differences in the detail. For example, one insurer might have many more exceptions than another. Another insurer might reimburse different amounts from the next insurer. That is why it is wise that you not only compare the price, but also the conditions.

    With good motorcycle insurance, the painful consequences of an accident, at least financially, are alleviated. Looking for good motorcycle insurance? Then there are a few things to watch out for alongside the three main types of motorcycle insurance seen above. These are shown below:

    Own risk

    Motorcyclists are up to 57 times more likely to have a major accident than a driver of a car. This is why you need to consider your own risk, as the damage can be high and the deductible higher than car insurance. Each insurer offers different deductible and premium options.

    Insured amount

    The many motorcycle insurers offer different values for the sum insured, based on the replacement value and purchase value scheme. This can range between one and three years in most cases, alongside accessories that are also insured (which can sometimes lead to a higher premium).

    Motorcycle insurance price

    Price always plays a part in your choice of motorcycle insurance. There can be big differences in price between insurers, and you might want to choose the cheapest insurance formula you can find. Always look at the details though, such as the no-claim discount offers and how the price might evolve in future.

    Winter break cover

    Some insurers offer a winter break discount, where you can reduce the amount you pay during the time where you don’t use your motorcycle at all, for instance, during the winter months. The coverage will be suspended during this time or you’ll be given a discount (sometimes up to 10% by certain insurers), but you cannot use it at all.

    Required security

    Many insurers require good protection once the motorcycle is insured against theft. An approved lock (ART category 4) is often mandatory, but some insurers implement more stringent requirements for more expensive engines. There are benefits though, with some discounts offered to those with track-and-trace security systems installed.

    Cost of motor insurance

    The cost of motorcycle insurance is one of the biggest differences between insurers, so it should be one of the main factors in your decision. Motorcycle insurance is not cheap, and it isn’t always clear how the premium on a policy is calculated. Always check the policy details before committing. There are some determining factors though in how a premium is calculated.

    Chosen cover has a major influence on price

    The three types of coverage for motorcycle insurance come at different prices and different inclusions and exclusions. You can see in the chart below what is included with each type of cover:

    CoverageWA insuranceWA + Limited AirframeAll risk insurance
    Liability for damage caused to othersInsuredInsuredInsured
    Damage while the motorcycle was parkedNot insuredInsuredInsured
    Damage due to natural disastersNot insuredInsuredInsured
    Damage due to theftNot insuredInsuredInsured
    Damage from a collision with animalsNot insuredInsuredInsured
    Damage caused to your own motorcycleNot insuredNot insuredInsured

    Finally, a number of additional covers are also possible, such as roadside assistance or legal insurance. Of course, additional motorcycle insurance policies will affect the premium.

    Insured amount

    The amount an insurer pays out depends on the catalogue or purchase value of the motorcycle. The higher the price, the higher the premium.

    Own risk

    You have the choice to increase or decrease the deductible voluntarily within certain parameters, resulting in a different premium to suit your needs.

    Number of kilometres driven

    Risk is estimated based on the average number of kilometres per year, with a higher premium for those who travel more each year.

    Insured period

    The cost can change depending on whether you fully insure your motorcycle for the year or take a winter break discount (which reduces the cost).

    Damage free years

    The higher the number of claim-free years you have, the lower your premium will be. You do need to be aware of the bonus-malus discount on offer and no-claim protection policies.

    Age of the insured

    The age of the policyholder is also taken into account, with some insurers strict in risk assessments of both young and old motorcyclists. 

    Type of Motorcycle

    Heavy duty or sporty models of motorcycle carry a higher risk of damage, which can result in a higher premium. The addition of certain lock types and security also impacts price.

    Commercial formulas and discounts

    Each insurer has a different way of coming up with premiums. Some offer discounts for new customers or loyal customers, others offer package discounts for certain promotions.

    Save on motorcycle insurance

    Once you have an understanding of the different factors an insurer uses to calculate the premium of a policy, it gives you greater control on how to save on your premium. This could mean switching to another provider for instance. Below are some savings tips for motorcycle insurance.

    Ways to save on motorcycle insurance

    There are several ways to save on your motorcycle insurance. We explain a few of them, so that you too can start saving.

    Remove additional insurance to save

    As a motorcycle ages, the coverage that you have at first might not still be applicable. It might not always be appropriate to opt for all-risk insurance.

    Linking claim-free years

    Some insurers allow you to link motorcycle insurance with car insurance through the second family car scheme. You can then use the car’s claim-free years to reduce your premium.

    Have a winter break

    Most insurers offer a winter break policy. This could mean up to a 10% lower premium from coverage related to use on the road during that period, or suspended for a longer time.

    Increase deductible

    Choosing to increase the deductible means you pay more in the event of a claim for damage, but it would also mean you pay a lower premium now.

    Check the number of kilometres on the policy

    If you drive fewer kilometres per year than is stated as expected in your insurance policy, let the insurer know and this could lead to a cheaper premium.

    Check policy if you don’t use motorcycle for a long period

    When the motorcycle is not used for a long period, for example during a long trip abroad, it can also be useful to suspend the motorcycle from the RDW. You can then pass this information on to the insurer. Both the road tax and the insurance premium will then lapse, saving you money for the period you are away.

    Special formulas

    Similar to how there are special formulas for classic cars, there could also be special policies, such as “mileage insurance” or “youngtimer insurance”, for older motorcycles, that could result in significant savings.

    Claim discounts

    There are many different types of discounts on offer, such as package discounts, loyalty discounts, and discounts for motorcycles with extra security protections.

    Compare motor insurance policies

    Always compare different motorcycle insurance companies and policies, as you will always find rates and discounts that are more appealing to your needs.

    Motor insurers in the Netherlands

    Many insurance companies offer motorcycle insurance, but the details of each policy can vary significantly, so it is always important to look at the additional coverage and clauses on top of the main three types of motorcycle insurance. Therefore, it is important to compare motor insurance policies to find what is good for you.

    • ANWB

      Offering no-claim discounts of up to 80%, as well as a 5% member discount. It is an affordable motorcycle insurance option with good levels of coverage available. The replacement value in the all-risk insurance only reimburses up to €25.000 for one year. Accessories can be insured up to €2.500, with other coverage optional.

    • Centraal Beheer

      Accessories are always included with all-risk insurance from Centraal Beheer. In addition, the purchase value scheme applies up to three years after the purchase.There is a choice between an excess of €0, €150 and €300, the bonus-malus discount of the partner’s car applies and there are countless other additional covers available.

    • De Goudse

      On top of the main three types of insurance policy, there are some optional covers that make sense to motorcyclists, such as a bonus protector and accident insurance. Clothing and the helmet are insured as standard for €1.500 within the all-risk insurance, and can be extended to €3.000 per person.

    • HEMA

      Competitive premiums and freedom to put together unique coverage that suits you. Additional cover can be added to WA insurance, WA+ limited casco and all-risk insurance. This includes accident cover, damage insurance for passengers, and replacement transport cover. Standard deductible is €150 and no-claims discount of up to 75%.

    • InShared

      An online insurer that stands for something different, offering fair insurance where anything left over after premiums have gone to operating expenses, claims handling and benefits, it flows back to the policyholders whether they have had damage or not that year. Replacement transport is always covered, with accessories covered up to €1.000.

    • Interpolis

      A standard deductible of €0 in the event of damage and theft, and purchase value reimbursed up to three years. There is also a no-claim guarantee available. For comprehensive motorcycle insurance, Interpolis is a popular insurer. The package discount is also offered up to 12% with some policies.

    • Klaverblad Insurance

      Offering extensive motorcycle insurance on top of the big three main types of insurance cover. Liability is always covered up to 6.07m Euro in the event of injury or death and 2,5m Euro in the event of damage to property. No winter break option through this insurer and the deductible per event is 100 Euro.

    • Nationale Nederlanden

      Policies have a new value scheme for the first year with a maximum of €17.500. Damage to sound equipment can be additionally insured up to a maximum of €500, as is damage to motorcycle clothing and helmet. Insurance is taken out in the Security Private Individuals, making for a significant package discount and discount for the second engine.

    • OHRA

      The no-claims discount is up to a maximum of 82% and the new and purchase value scheme applies for three years with the WA + Limited Casco and the all-risk insurance. Countless other discounts are possible, such as the extra no-claim discount on a second vehicle or the collective discount via the employer or association.

    • Unigarant

      Standard one year new value or purchase value for all-risk insurance and no-claim discount of up to 80%. Additional motorcycle insurance coverage includes 30 days of replacement transport, a three-year purchase value guarantee or an increase in compensation for accessories up to €5.000, and 10% discount for those with track-and-trace security.

    How to switch to another motor insurer

    After comparing motorcycle insurance policies, you might find that you can make significant annual savings by switching providers. An example of this could be a winter break discount by a different insurer, or a lower price for similar coverage to what you currently receive.

    How does switching motor insurance work?

    Switching motorcycle insurance is not difficult. There should be instructions within your policy conditions. Always opt for a registered letter as it provides greater proof, and ensure you have a new motor insurance policy in place so you are not left with periods uninsured. In fact, only cancel the old insurance once you have been accepted by the new insurer.

    When is it possible to switch motorcycle insurance?

    You can cancel your motorcycle policy after one year in most cases, with a one month notice period after that. Each motorcycle insurer will have slightly different cancellation policies to be aware of though, and you might even be able to cancel in the first year. Insurers also have the right to cancel in the event of payment problems or too many claims made.

    Switching to another insurer with multiple insurance policies

    It can be better to switch to another insurer with multiple policies in some cases where a package discount is considerable (this can be up to 12% in some instances). This does not always mean that the insurer is better or cheaper than your current insurer so always check the policy detail.

    Alternatives to switching motorcycle insurance

    Switching motorcycle insurance might not always be the best choice for you. Your current insurer might offer a nice loyalty discount to customers for instance. Other options instead of switching include increasing the deductible or opting for more limited coverage.

    Frequently asked questions about motorcycle insurance

    Does the lock on my motorcycle have to meet special requirements?

    Most insurers want the motorcycle to have a good lock. A lock is inspected on the basis of the ART quality mark. Motors must have at least an ART 4 ​​quality mark. Some insurers even require an ART 5 quality mark. Which lock is mandatory is part of the specific policy conditions. These requirements are made clear when you take out a motor insurance policy.

    What rules apply to classic motorcycles?

    Insurers speak of an 'old-timer' if it has been at least 40 years since it was first used. The date of the first registration on the vehicle registration certificate must be at least 40 years ago.

    Is passenger insurance included in motorcycle insurance?

    Passenger insurance is an additional insurance. This does not apply as standard to a motor insurance policy. This insurance insures you and the person riding the motorcycle with you. Both damage to property and personal injury are compensated. In case of personal injury, everything that is not covered by the basic health insurance is reimbursed. Consider, for example, extra physiotherapy.

    What is a green card?

    The green card is proof that the vehicle is insured. This card is usually issued in the form of a document or pass. All important data of the vehicle is on it. It is not mandatory in most countries to carry it with you, but the vehicle must be insured. The green card will be sent after accepting the insurance. Lost your green card? Then you can request a new one from the insurer.

    I read something about the purchase guarantee in the conditions. What is that?

    The purchase guarantee is offered with two types of insurance: car insurance and motorcycle insurance. If the vehicle is totaled or stolen, you will be refunded the purchase price. The purchase value is the amount you spent on the motorcycle when you bought it. The reimbursement only applies to motorcycles between 1 and 5 years old. The minimum cover must be a WA+ limited hull insurance or a WA+ full hull insurance.

    Does the motorcycle insurance apply if I participate in activities of a motorcycle club?

    Yes. For normal activities such as group rides, the motorcycle insurance will continue to apply. Only in exceptional situations, such as street races or competitions, the insurer may not cover the damage. Other exceptional situations such as drunkenness also continue to apply, of course. However, the Dutch motorcycle clubs have a great reputation and we do not expect any problems.

    Do I have to have an alarm from the motor insurer?

    Except in exceptional cases, an alarm is almost never mandatory. In addition, when there is an alarm, a suitable lock is often mandatory. The alarm system is insured with most insurers.

    Does reporting a deviating driver affect my premium?

    The premium will be recalculated. The details of the deviating driver are therefore used to calculate the new premium. When a deviant driver is very young and entails a greater risk, a higher premium is certainly not uncommon.

    In which countries am I insured with my motorcycle insurance?

    This differs from insurer to insurer. The green card always indicates in which countries the motorcycle insurance applies. Usually it includes the countries of the European Union but the motorcycle insurance often also applies in a number of other countries around the Mediterranean Sea.

    How old do I have to be to take out motorcycle insurance?

    Insurers often apply strict acceptance requirements that are linked to the power of the engine. There are insurers that accept 21-year-olds with an A motorcycle licence, but some insurers require you to be 25 years old.

    Can I take out a motorcycle with a group discount?

    Yes. Some associations or employers have made collective agreements with insurers, which may include a group discount. Check with the association or the insurer. Some insurers, such as OHRA, also have a search function that can be used to check this.

    How do I protect my motorcycle against theft?

    Insurers often impose security requirements. These are the so-called ART locks, the quality of which varies from 1 star to 5 stars. We recommend a 4-star ART lock for on the road and a 5-star ART lock at home storage. In addition, SCM security is also recommended. However, go further than what the insurer indicates and never park the motorcycle in a dark alley. Instead, park the motorcycle in a locked garage at night, anchor the motorcycle to the ground, engrave the licence plate and ensure good motorcycle insurance if the motorcycle is stolen.

    What is daylight saving time coverage?

    With the summertime cover, the motorcycle is only insured during the summer months, but this does not coincide with the meteorological summer. In general, however, this scheme is more limited than the winter break scheme. It is often stated that the summer time coverage starts at the end of March and ends at the end of October, so that there is a total of about two months less coverage than with the winter break scheme.

    Can I place a quad bike under the motorcycle insurance?

    Not automatically. Each insurer has its own acceptance conditions. For example, some insurers have separate policies for quad bikes and then offer quad insurance, while other insurers apply the same conditions as for motorcycle insurance.

    Can I take out business motorcycle insurance?

    Yes. Insurers rightly believe that not only cars or vans can be used for business, but also motorcycles. For example, a motorcycle can be used for customer visits or for other business trips. Other conditions often apply to business motorcycle insurance and business motorcycle insurance is usually also slightly more expensive.

    Do I have to pay insurance tax on the motorcycle insurance?

    Yes. Just like car insurance, motorcycle insurance does not fall under the exception for transport insurance. Therefore, the insurance premium tax of 21% applies to the premium and policy costs of motorcycle insurance. The insurer will charge the tax and transfer it to the treasury.