Accident insurance in the Netherlands

An accident is something that you shouldn’t have to worry about happening to you or someone in your family. Yet every year about 700 people are involved in a traffic accident, and another 20 people have to deal with a (fatal) accident at work. These are times when accident insurance is a good insurance to have, helping you to cover often high costs.

    man zit naast de auto met een ongeluk

    What is accident insurance for?

    Accident insurance is a necessary cover that insures you against the costs of an accident. For example, let’s look at a collision with a bus or a tram. The chance of it happening is minimal, but if it does, it could have significant consequences. Not only because of possible permanent injuries, but also because of the costs involved.

    In the worst case, there is a death. With accident insurance you can be sure that the handling of the process will take place correctly. Without this insurance, the next of kin have more to arrange and there is even a chance of financial damage. Accident insurance prevents this.

    Does accident insurance make sense for you?

    Accident insurance makes sense for everybody. Even if you think nothing can happen to you, it may be wise to take out insurance. What happens if you have to deal with poisoning, drowning or an infection on holiday?

    And what about a serious car accident? That can also happen to the best drivers in the Netherlands. Accident insurance helps you, your family and other passengers involved to be optimally insured.

    Who is accident insurance for?

    If you regularly motorcycle, you take joy in DIY, you love taking part in extreme sports, or you have a risky profession, you’ll have an increased risk of being involved in an accident.

    The insurer is not obliged to accept you. For example, risky sports are often excluded. Sometimes insurers also apply a maximum age of, for example, 50, 55 or 60 years.

    Whether insurance is useful also depends on who you are insuring for. According to the Consumers' Association, a student accident insurance police is often not useful, because your child is a family member and is co-insured in the family policy. Moreover, that policy only provides cover if something happens during school hours.

    Accident insurance coverage


    There are four types of accident insurance cover. We call these coverages ‘sections’. Here are the four sections:

    • Section A: death;

    • Section B: permanent disability;

    • Section C: temporary incapacity for work;

    • Section D: costs of medical treatment.

    Some insurers also offer the option to insure dental costs. The condition is that the visit to the dentist is the result of an accident. Particularly section A and section B are the most important parts of an accident insurance policy.

    Types of Accident Insurance

    Accident insurance comes in many forms:

    • Personal accident insurance

    • Family accident insurance

    • Student accident insurance

    • Accident insurance for car occupants

    Personal accident insurance

    This is the most common accident insurance policy and probably the type of coverage that is meant when it is referred to as accident insurance. With this insurance you can determine the insured amount yourself.

    Family accident insurance

    Family Accident Insurance is when all members of the family are covered. You can choose from fixed packages or a limited number of amounts that the insurer offers.

    Student accident insurance

    Is your child a student? Then you can also opt for student accident insurance. This has been specially designed to insure children who go to primary or secondary school. The insurance only covers small amounts.

    Accident insurance for car occupants

    With the accident insurance for occupants of a car you are covered for (injury) damage of occupants in a car accident. Some accidents are also covered by another insurance policy, such as travel insurance. Check that you are not double insured.

    How much does the insurer pay?

    The amount insured in the event of permanent disability or death differs between insurers and policies. You can choose the amount yourself. In general, the amount upon death is 5,000 Euro or 10,000 Euro. In the case of permanent disability, the amount can be, for example, 30,000 Euro or 50,000 Euro. This depends on the insurer and which cover you choose. Insuring for a higher amount often means paying a higher premium.

    When does accident insurance pay out?

    In general, the insurer only pays out in the event of death or permanent disability. There really has to be an accident to get an amount paid out.

    Most Dutch people who become disabled or die, do so as a result of an illness. Accident insurance does not cover this. Instead, in these cases you must claim life insurance or disability insurance. These insurance policies are also a lot more expensive than accident insurance but they do offer more coverage and therefore more security.

    The member tax

    If you become permanently disabled as a result of an accident the insurer won’t automatically pay out the full amount of compensation. Instead, it will use the Glidertaxe to work out what percentage you will receive based on the type and severity of the disability, such as a certain amount for an index finger lost, and another amount for the loss of a little finger. There are all kinds of conditions and amounts for all kinds of situations.

    You can find this scale in the policy conditions. There you can read how the insurer determines the permanent disability and the compensation you receive.

    What if I already had an illness?

    If you were already ill before an accident, the insurer first checks whether you would have had the accident if you had been healthy. If you were already disabled at the time of the accident, the insurer only looks at the part of the permanent disability that was caused by the accident. This is not the case if you had an earlier accident for which you were already insured with this insurance.

    In short: there are quite a few exceptions. Despite all these exceptions, it is still wise to take out accident insurance. This way you avoid being faced with sky-high costs.

    More about insurance

    You can find more about the specifics of the insurance policy in the policy conditions. There you can read, for example, the percentages that you will receive under certain circumstances. You can also read more about the premium there.

    It is a good idea to compare both the premium and the policy conditions. Sometimes it works out better to pay a little more because the coverage is better. This is not always the case: more expensive insurance policies are not necessarily better or more extensive.

    Compare accident insurance policies

    No single accident insurance policy covers all risks and potential accidents. There are also often different exclusions and limitations that will differ from one insurer to the next. Even the very definition of an accident might read differently between different insurance companies. There are different themes within accident insurance, targeted at specific groups, such as student accident insurance, travel insurance, or accident insurance for motor vehicle passengers. Comparing different policy types is important.

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    Compare student accident insurance

    School accident insurance (or student accident insurance) provides coverage to children attending primary or secondary school. It is often taken out by schools with the cost passed on to the parents via the school invoice. This could lead to double coverage as parents have their own family accident insurance.

    Definition of accidents

    Each insurer will have its own specific definition of what an accident is. Always check the policy conditions to find out exactly what the insurer means by an accident. The definition might be much broader with certain insurers, including for example blood poisoning or foot-and-mouth disease.

    Insured amount

    Cover always consists of death cover and permanent disability cover.

    The cover always consists of death cover and permanent disability cover. A maximum reimbursement is always provided after death (for the surviving relatives) and in the event of permanent disability, medical costs, dental costs and hospital admissions. There are often differences between insurers here.

    There are then all kinds of restrictions attached to the insured amount that differ from insurer to insurer. When there is cover for HIV infections, often only a one-off limited payment of no more than €5.000 is provided.


    There are countless exclusions that differ from insurer to insurer, with examples such as:

    • Failure to wear a helmet in a motor vehicle accident

    • Sports such as ice hockey or skiing

    • Being under the influence of alcohol

    • Working with woodworking machines

    • Participate or train for speed competitions

    Compare personal accident insurance

    Personal accident insurance limits the financial impact of an accident. A fixed amount is paid out in the event of permanent disability or death. This is the most popular accident insurance policy.

    Definition of an accident

    Every insurer has its own definition of what constitutes an accident. Some insurers go very far and also extend the definition to other causes of injury that other insurers explicitly exclude, such as hardships resulting from involuntary isolation, first aid complications, hernia, whiplash, and other examples.

    Insured amount

    There is a maximum insured amount for each of the main sections.The insured amount can greatly differ between insurers and there are also deviations and lower reimbursements for various additions. Dental treatments are a part of insurance that differs vastly, with some not covering at all and others not wishing to pay more than €125 per treatment.


    The list of exclusions will vary between insurers too. Some insurers will have a very long list that excludes sports such as ice hockey and other dangerous sports, whereas other insurers might not include all sports as dangerous. For some, the exclusions list is limited to damage due to intent, such as riding a motorcycle, or injury during dangerous sports.

    Age plays a role

    The older we get, the more likely we are to suffer an accident. The threshold for taking out personal accident insurance is quite low, and often limited to the age of 60, however this can differ between companies. Always look at the policy detail, as it will always expire at a certain age, at 70 in many cases.


    The policy conditions often include a standard clause that indicates who the beneficiary is. Usually, it primarily concerns the husband or spouses. If there is no husband or wife, the allowance goes to the children. And then it goes to the heirs. With some insurers it is possible to adjust the clause.

    Compare family insurance policies

    Family accident insurance offers immediate coverage for the entire family, covering children both at school and for accidents that can occur at other times. There are a few points for your attention as with all other types of accident insurance policies we cover.

    Insured amount

    Most family accident insurance policies make a distinction between the death of an adult and the death of a child. In the event of the death of an adult, a higher compensation is then awarded than for the death of a child. Some insurers do not make such a distinction. In any case, there are often major differences.


    Always check who is covered by the family accident insurance. It is not always the case that the entire family is covered because the policy conditions often contain all kinds of exceptions. Children might only be insured up to a certain age, and older people might be excluded after a certain age too.

    Other accident insurance

    Finally, there are also accident insurance policies that can be added as an extra to other insurance policies, such as accident insurance for car occupants or the accident module within travel insurance.

    Switching to another accident insurer

    There are many reasons why switching to another accident insurer can be appealing to you. Many policyholders mention the service and the price-quality ratio, but we recommend that you also take the policy conditions into account. Take a look at them and also make a substantive comparison.

    man switching accident insurances behind his laptop

    How to switch to another accident insurer?

    It is important to think carefully about the switch and about the new insurer. That is why it is advisable to research different accident insurers in the Netherlands. You can switch at the end of every year, but your current policy must first be terminated and there will be a notice period specific to your insurer.

    Cancel the accident insurance

    Each insurer will have a different cancellation process. We would always recommend doing so via registered letter, as this provides you with greater proof. The cancellation letter contains the personal details and clearly indicates which policy is being cancelled. It is not necessary to give a reason for the cancellation.

    Reasons to switch to a different accident insurance policy

    There are myriad reasons why someone might be thinking of switching to a different accident insurer. A common reason is the price of accident insurance (in Dutch). Sometimes the best way to save on accident insurance is simply to switch to another insurer that offers the same coverage at a lower price. Other reasons include:

    • A conflict with the current insurer, for example about the service or the settlement of a previous accident

    • Package discount with the new insurer, for example after switching with another insurance policy

    • The other insurer offers a policy that better meets personal needs

    Switch to another accident insurance policy at the ideal time

    Switching to a different accident insurance policy is usually possible after a year. A notice period, which is usually one or two months, must be taken into account. After the insurance contract with the current insurer has been terminated, it is possible to take out a new accident insurance policy. That way you are always covered.

    Assistance with switching to another accident insurance policy

    Switching can sometimes be very complex and that means that some people prefer not to risk the switch. However, more and more insurers offer help to new customers who want to switch. They do this, of course, because they want to convince new customers to switch.

    Cost of accident insurance

    man looking at the costs of accident insurance sitting behind his desk

    The price of accident insurance is not fixed and is the result of a rather complex calculation. There are often large price differences between accident insurers. It is important that you look at the policy detail with each insurer before committing to the company that covers your specific needs the best.

    Accident insurance coverage

    The cost is largely dependent on the coverage you wish to take out. Student accident insurance, for example, is limited to school time only, so is cheaper than family policies that cover all scenarios. Exclusions and packages will differ between the companies too, so always choose what suits your needs for both cover and budget.

    Insured amount

    The higher the insured amount, the more expensive the accident insurance becomes. The amount insured in the event of death and in case of permanent disability will differ between insurers, and you can see these below in the section on ‘Accident insurers in the Netherlands’.

    Family composition

    Personal accident insurance will always be cheaper than family accident insurance. There are different rates for those with children at home and those whose children live away to study or with a partner. This can also affect the depth of coverage.


    Age often plays a role in calculating the premium. The risk of an accident is higher, especially in elderly people who have difficulty walking. Some insurers even refuse to insure people over a certain age, while other insurers reduce the insured amount.

    Risk-increasing factors

    Dangerous professions or hobbies, such as driving a motorcycle of 50cc or more can result in higher premiums. Some insurers won’t cover for such things, for example if the accident occurred during a dangerous profession or sport. Always compare accident insurance policies in detail.

    Commercial discounts and benefits

    Many insurers grant a discount to those who want to pay the annual premium immediately. In addition, there are also the so-called package discounts. At Interpolis, for example, the package discount rises to 12% when household contents insurance, continuous travel insurance, car insurance and legal expenses insurance are also purchased from them.

    Save on accident insurance

    man showing how to save on accident insurance

    There are a few ways to save on accident insurance. Making the decision to switch to another accident insurer is just one of them. It doesn’t always need to be such a drastic change to save money though.

    Limited coverage

    As you know, there are four sections for accident insurance. Some insurers offer a total package, whilst others allow you to choose. You could save money by opting to be covered by fewer sections. Sections A and B are important to most policyholders, as they are the most drastic events, but find the combination that makes the most sense to your specific life.

    Lower insured amount

    In principle, you can choose a specific insured amount within each section. By reducing this amount, it is possible to save on accident insurance. Of course, the protection is then also more limited. With some accident insurers they can be adjusted individually and this is a more appealing way to some policyholders.

    Report changes

    If your personal circumstances change, inform your insurance company immediately, as this could help you make savings. This could be that your family situation has changed, you no longer perform dangerous sports or have a dangerous job. These could all lower your premium, but you should also inform if the change could have the opposite effect.

    Collective accident insurance

    It is also possible for educational institutions, employers or associations to take out accident insurance for a large group of children, members or employees. This is often possible from at least five people. Group accident insurance is generally much cheaper. An educational institution is of course free to pass on the premium via the school invoice.

    Package discount

    When different insurance policies are purchased from them, the discount can be more than 10% for each insurance policy. This does mean you are obliged to switch other insurance policies you have, even if they are cheaper elsewhere. Always be sure that the package discount works overall for your policies.

    Compare accident insurance policies

    Finally, insurers charge different rates. This can sometimes be explained by different policy conditions, for example because the policy contains an exclusion for motorcycling, but sometimes another insurer is just cheaper. By comparing targeted accident insurance policies, it is possible to make significant savings. Compare annually to make savings, looking for more about comparing, click here.

    Accident insurers in the Netherlands

    Some policy conditions will differ greatly between different insurers offering accident coverage. Some have no problems with sports, whilst others will specifically exclude them from policies. Below is an overview of the main accident insurance companies in the Netherlands for you to choose from.

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    Accident insurance is offered in two packages, with benefits twice as high in the second. There are no exclusions for dangerous professions in this cover, but there is also no reimbursement for dental costs. Insure up to €10.000 in the event of death, up to €100.000 in the case of disability, and there are attractive loyalty discounts of up to 10%.

    Sum insured in the event of death€ 5.000 or € 10.000
    Insured amount in case of disability€ 50.000 or € 100.000
    DiscountsLoyalty discount of up to 10% within the Aegon Living & Leisure Package


    Offer good group accident insurance and can be fully tailored to your personal situation. The policyholder chooses which sections to be insured for. If you choose section D (medical treatment), you must also insure A or B. Accident insurance can only be taken up to the age of 60, with some exceptions. Amount insured determined with advisor.

    Sum insured in the event of deathFreely determined with advisor
    Insured amount in case of disabilityFreely determined with advisor
    DiscountsNo information


    The policyholder chooses which family members they want to insure. Winter sports and snorkelling are insured as standard, but high-risk sports such as parachuting are not covered. Insured amount in the event of death up to €15.000, or up to €120.000 in the case of disability. Package discounts of 12.5% available.

    Sum insured in the event of death€6.000, €9.000, €12.000 or €15.000
    Insured amount in case of disability€30.000, €60.000, €90.000 or €120.000
    DiscountsPackage discount up to 12.5% via the IAK Private Package


    Offers coverage in the event of accidents during work or leisure time. Not a flexible policy but the death benefit is quite high (up to €25.000). Members are entitled to a 5% discount on accident insurance and a premium discount for singles of up to 40%. Insured amount in the case of disability is up to €75.000.

    Sum insured in the event of death€25.000
    Insured amount in case of disability€75.000
    DiscountsPremium discount of 40% for singles Discount of 5% for ANWB members

    Centraal Beheer

    Available with both indoor and/or outdoor cover. You can decide to insure yourself (and family) for just outside the home or inside if you wish. Dental costs are never covered. Insured in the event of death up to €20.000, for disability up to €100.000. Group discounts through employers or for those with health insurance through various providers.

    Sum insured in the event of death€5.000, €10.000, €15.000 or €20.000
    Insured amount in case of disability€25.000, €50.000, €75.000 or €100.000
    DiscountsDiscount for those who have health insurance with Ziezo, Zilveren Kruis, Pro Life or De Friesland Possible group discount through the employer


    Three main packages that can be expanded on to suit your specifics, including dental costs, healthcare costs, and practical help. Insured in the event of death up to €20.000 and €100.000 in the case of disability. No package discounts are available, and FBTO does not cover if the insured will not cooperate with an investigation into alcohol.

    Sum insured in the event of death€5.000, €10.000 or €20.000
    Insured amount in case of disability€25.000, €50.000 or €100.000
    DiscountsNo package discount


    Extensive coverage that applies to accidents abroad, at home or in traffic, as well as to passengers. All housemates are also insured. Accident and Death cover is up to €10.000 and Accident and Permanent injury cover is up to €50.000. Cost of medical and dental care is covered up to €1.000. An annual discount is awarded to loyal customers.

    Sum insured in the event of death€10.000
    Insured amount in case of disability€50.000
    DiscountsInShared annual reward


    Specific insurance to cover permanent disability after an accident. There are four choices of coverage, and there is no final age to the accident insurance. Insurance amounts are however halved after the age of 70. Death risk can be insured separately. Insured up to €100.000. Up to 12% discount through All in One Policy insurance package.

    Sum insured in the event of death Does not apply
    Insured amount in case of disability€25.000, €50.000, €75.000 or €100.000
    DiscountsUp to 12% discount through the All in One Policy® insurance package


    Good insurance policy for parents, as it covers children up to the age of 28 in the event of permanent disability (up to €75.000), death (up to €10.000), and dental damage (dentistry cover of up to 1,500 until the age of 20). There are no package discounts available.

    Sum insured in the event of death€5.000, €7.500 or €10.000
    Insured amount in case of disability€25.000, €50.000 or €75.000
    DiscountsNo package discount


    Good benefits, such as repatriation costs for a death abroad, or coverage for necessary plastic surgery after an accident. If the insured person and their partner die within 24 hours of each other, the payment doubles if there is a child under 21. Insured up to €10.000 in the event of death, and €50.000 for disability. Package discounts available up to 12%.

    Sum insured in the event of death€5.000 or €10.000
    Insured amount in case of disability€30.000 or €50.000
    DiscountsPackage discount from 2% to 12%


    Affordable accident insurance with a number of exclusions for dangerous sports, the use of drugs and alcohol, and more. High-risk professional and motorcycle ownership can be additionally insured. Package discounts of up to 10% and dental costs covered for children. Up to €25.000 insurance for death and €150.000 for permanent disability.

    Sum insured in the event of death€10.000 or €25.000
    Insured amount in case of disability€75.000 or €150.000
    DiscountsPackage discount of 10%

    Frequently asked questions about accident insurance

    Am I always insured?

    Accident insurance applies both in your free time and at work. So you are insured in most cases.

    To whom does the insurance apply?

    You can determine yourself who is co-insured. You can only insure yourself, but you can also insure your partner. Or just co-insure your children. Or the whole family. By 'partner', insurers mean the husband, wife, registered partner or the person with whom you live together for a longer period of time.

    Are children co-insured as standard on the accident insurance?

    Minor and adult unmarried children who live with you or who live away for study reasons and who do not live together are also insured under the accident insurance. The same applies to unmarried children who live permanently in a care institution or assisted living. It makes no difference to the insurance whether it concerns own, adopted, fostered or stepchildren.

    When am I not insured?

    Certain cases are excluded from the accident insurance. In the policy conditions you can read which cases are excluded. Examples of uninsured accidents are accidents caused intentionally, or accidents caused by the use of alcohol and/or drugs. Extreme sports are often also excluded from accident insurance. This is because the chance of an accident is much higher here than in other cases.

    When does the accident insurance pay out?

    The accident insurance pays out if one of the insured persons becomes permanently disabled due to an accident or one of the insured dies as a result of an accident. In the case of single persons, the insurance pays out to the legal heirs in the event of death. In the event of permanent disability, the accident insurance also pays out an amount. The amount depends on the degree to which someone becomes permanently disabled.

    I already have accident cover on my annual travel insurance policy. Do I still need separate accident insurance?

    Travel insurance coverage is always limited. For example, it does not cover an accident in the garden or while doing odd jobs around the house. This is the case with individual accident insurance. That is why we recommend separate accident insurance. Such separate accident insurance also offers worldwide coverage, even when the insured is travelling. It is possible that the separate accident insurance does not cover accidents during winter sports. For this purpose, travel accident insurance can be temporarily added to the accident insurance.

    Is the accident insurance really valid in every country?

    The accident insurance has worldwide coverage and is in principle valid in every country. However, the policy conditions may contain relevant exclusions. For example, an accident as a result of a (civil) war is usually not covered. Travelling to countries where war is raging is therefore not recommended. In addition, it is in principle a requirement that the insured person continues to live in the Netherlands, but solutions can of course be found for expats.

    Do I get a discount on the accident insurance as a student?

    Not in principle, but there are many ways to save money. It is often the case that students who live away from the family home because of their studies until a certain age are still covered by the parents' family accident insurance. If not, it may be more interesting for the parents to switch insurer. In addition, students can sometimes be insured through a collective accident insurance policy of the student association. In addition, due to their young age and the fact that they do not practice a dangerous profession, a student will often automatically have to pay a lower premium. However, we would not describe that as a real student discount. Finally, the discounts that others can count on also apply, such as the package discount because other insurance policies are also placed with the insurer.

    How does the death benefit (section A) work?

    The insurer will pay the beneficiaries the lump sum stated in the policy, which is often between €5.000 and €20.000. These beneficiaries are also listed in the policy. Usually this primarily concerns the husband or wife of the insured person and, if there is none, the children (each for an equal share). If there are no children, the amount is divided among the heirs. If the insurer previously paid out an amount for permanent disability for the same accident, this is usually deducted from the death benefit up to the amount of section A.

    How does the benefit for permanent disability work (section B)?

    The insured amount in section B is paid out according to the permanent disability. For this purpose, the insurer departs from the so-called Gliedertaxe, which can be found in the policy conditions and the findings of a medical expert. The more serious the permanent disability is, the higher the amount paid out. For example, the loss of a ring finger or a little finger opens the right to compensation of 10% of the insured amount, while that for a middle finger is 12%, for an index finger 15% and for a thumb 25%.

    How does the benefit for temporary incapacity for work work (section C)?

    Here, a periodic payment is granted for a limited period (often two years) that depends on the insured amount (and therefore not on the salary) if the insured person becomes temporarily incapacitated for work as a result of a covered accident.

    How does the payment of costs of medical treatment work (section D)?

    This concerns comprehensive coverage of medical costs incurred as a result of the accident. This coverage is more extensive than what the insured can expect from the health insurance. For example, it also covers the costs of transport to the place of treatment, the initial purchase costs for a prosthesis, the purchase of a guide dog, etc. There are often all kinds of restrictions, especially with dental care, where usually only a very limited amount is covered per treated element.

    Am I also insured for accidents at work?

    Most of the time. The insurer also explicitly asks about your profession in order to calculate the premium on that basis. However, some professions are explicitly excluded and are not insured. There are often restrictions for aircraft crew members, professional athletes and when working with woodworking machines. In such a case, it may be possible to hold the employer liable. This will be the case, for example, if the employer paid insufficient attention to safety in the workplace. The employer can then insure themselves for this.

    Is the payment of the accident insurance taxable?

    In principle, the payment of the accident insurance is not taxed. This may be different for benefits from accident insurance policies taken out by the employer. The entitlement to the benefit is part of the terms of employment and therefore a benefit as a result of the work, which means that it must be taxed just like the work.

    Do gift taxes also have to be paid on the amounts paid out?

    The insured is not always the same as the policyholder and gift taxes may therefore have to be paid. Some insurers foresee that they will bear this, but they want to have the option to object. Ask your insurer how this works.

    Does the accident insurance also cover an accident with fireworks?

    The accident insurance policies that we have examined do not contain an exclusion for fireworks damage. However, the insured may not have been reckless. Always take all precautions. It is even better to leave the fireworks to professionals.

    Which professional activities do accident insurers consider to be risky?

    There are a variety of occupations where there is a greater risk of death or permanent disability. The activities cited by the insurers include agricultural work, wood and metalworking, working with cutting machines, working at heights, working with large animals, road works, railway works, cleaning ships, rescue work, firefighting work, work in sea or coastal fishing, work in the sea - or coastal shipping, working on oil rigs and working as a bodyguard. It is often possible to take out accident insurance for such high-risk professional activities, but then the premium is also considerably more expensive. Some activities are so risky that (virtually) no insurer provides cover. These include fairground operators, circus artists, professional athletes, stuntmen, spacemen and military personnel.